Thursday, 26 November 2015

YouTube Adventure!

I'm so sorry guys! I've completely neglected this blog and that's not cool! But I've been busy, I've decided to expand into YouTube!

You can see my most recent review here:

Captain Phasma

I will try and get reviews up here from time to time but I'll mostly be keeping them for my channel. Thanks so much for checking the blog and I'll be keeping it active with other things! Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Star Wars MicroMachines Series 1 Blind Bags Hasbro Disney

MicroMachines are back! This is great news, especially as these MicroMachines are Star Wars!

So who did I get in my first 2 bags?

Firstly I got this tiny Sith Infiltrator.

It's a good little ship and the detail is really good. There's also a small hole in the bottom - possibly for a stand in bigger sets?

My second bag was much more exciting

Rey on her speeder! It's a great little sculpt and again, the paint and detail is really good for the very small size of these toys.

I wasn't sure I'd want to get more of these, but I really love the detail that are in these tiny toys, so I'll definitely pick up a few more when I'm out!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lego Minifigures Series 14: Monsters! COMPLETE WAVE!

I don't buy a lot of Lego, and I don't buy full waves of minifigures, but how could I say no to a wave of monster/Halloween themed minifigs?!

So let's take a look at these guys 4 at a time seeing as there are 16 in the wave.

Firstly, I guess one of the weakest in this line is the zombie pirate. It's a great minifig, but there are some real stunners in this wave for me! I love that zombie cheerleader, and the businessman is class, but the monster rocker is brilliant with his guitar and extra tall head.

For me the definite weakest figure in this wave is the tiger lady. It's just a little plain.

I love the scientist and his potion bottle (and massive head with crazy eyes!) which has transformed a guy into a fly! The fly sculpt is great and I love the translucent red eyes. Both the lumberjack wolf and flies heads are solid pieces, as in, the don't sit over a standard Lego head.

The witch is a fun fig and comes with her own "evil cat", as my nephew put it. Bigfoot is amazing. It's a hilarious figure, that comes with his own camera - and he has toes painted on! Spider Witch (?) has a really nice translucent plastic web cape which is a great looking piece. The plant man is interesting... has he been eaten by a plant? Is turning into a plant? Either way the head piece is a fun new sculpt.

I love the stone effect Lego has given the little gargoyle, in fact, as an overall minifigure, he's incredibly well put together. The 2 ghouls, the grey chained ghost and the wailing banshee are fantastic and make superb use of that new ghost leg piece that (I think) was created for Ninjago. And the little trick or treater is amazing. The skeleton suit which covers the whole minifig is a really nice touch, but the little jack o lantern candy pail is such good fun, I love it!

If you're a fan of Halloween or monster Lego, this is the wave for you!

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Star Wars Black Series No 4 First Order Stormtrooper The Force Awakens Hasbro 6" Figure

The last figure I'll be looking at in this new wave of Black Series figures. It's number 4, and it's a cracking figure! Today we're checking out the new First Order Stormtrooper, and here's the read up

Again, this figure comes in the sleek new black and red packaging which I really like.

The Stormtrooper comes with two weapons, the first being a small blaster reminiscent of the small pistol that comes with the Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper set

The second weapon is a more typical looking blaster rifle that we'd see with the Stormtrooper

Both of these seem to have been cast in white plastic then painted black with silver highlights. These look great, really great detail and the black and white looks amazing together on a weapon.

The figure itself I love. I think I might actually prefer this figure to the Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper figures we already have. The armour and design looks great and it's been translated incredibly well into plastic.

The helmet looks great and I love that new design! The belt and grenade canister have also been well sculpted and detailed.

I love this sleek new armour with the slightly flatter chest piece. There are nice smaller parts on the armour that are nice to find as you look over it. The forearm detail, extra detail on the top of the helmet and the detail on his lower legs to name but a few.

As for articulation, his head looks left and right easily but, mine anyway, doesn't really look up or down. The shoulders are on a ball and hinge joint which rotate the arm right round but the armour stops it moving up. There's a single elbow ben and the wrists rotate and hinge. There's an ab crunch which moves quite far back and forward a little and this also acts as the waist rotation.

The hips are on a ball joint which moves the legs back but the armour inhibits movement out and forward. There's a hip cut, double jointed knees and ankle rotation, hinge, and rocker pivot.

I really do think this is a fantastic figure and well worth the money. I would recommend this to any Star Wars fan, and I've already noticed that this is an incredibly popular seller if looking at the pegs in Forbidden Planet is anything to go by! Does this guy beat Kylo Ren as my favourite new Black Series figure? I'm not sure... I think at the moment I need to call it a draw!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Star Wars Black Series No 3 Kylo Ren The Force Awakens Hasbro 6" Figure

I meant to get this review before now, I really did. But I'll be honest, I was catching up with Game of Thrones. And after all this time I'm fully up to speed! Hurrah!

Anyway onto the figure! Firstly, Kylo Ren's read up

Kylo Ren comes with one accessory which is the new lightsaber that got a lot of people talking.

Like we've seen with previous lightsabers, the hilt and blade can be separated. The hilt is a cross shape and painted with silver and black dry brushing with a small red dot on the bottom - maybe a button?

The blade isn't quite as translucent as the previous lightsabers we've got, and I'm not sure I like it. I do like the shape though and how Hasbro have made the blade look fiery.

Once the blade and hilt are combined though, I think this is a great looking lightsaber!

As for the figure itself... I love it.

A lot of people have problems with mixing soft goods and soft rubber materials but I think it works here. The rubber cloak piece around Ren's neck helps hold down the cloak, and the rubber belt helps define his shape and again, holds the cloak in place.

And his mask is bad ass.

As for articulation, the head looks left and right, and the hood does not hinder this movement at all. The shoulders move the arms right around but the rubber neck piece keeps the arms for moving up. There are single jointed elbows, wrist pivot and rotation.

There's an ab crunch which also acts as a waist swivel. The crunch doesn't really work due to the cloak however. The hips are on a ball joint and there's a thigh cut. The knees are double jointed and the ankles have a rocker pivot, rotate and swivel.

I've also heard complaints that the cloak is too long. Honestly, I think it looks great. The way it drapes and lies on a surface just makes this guy looks even more foreboding.

I'm very impressed with this figure, easily my favourite so far. But will he be topped by the First Order Stormtrooper? Stay tuned!

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Star Wars Black Series No 2 Rey & BB-8 (Jakku) The Force Awakens Hasbro Figure

Second up in the new Black Series figures from Hasbro is Rey and droid BB-8 - and here's the read up if you're interested!

Personally, I consider this a 2 pack. I don't really think BB-8 can be considered an accessory, but I'm very glad Hasbro didn't sell him on his own for full price!

Rey comes with her staff as a weapon/accessory

This is a pretty well moulded piece and I like that it has wraps and a strap, but that strap being a very stiff plastic is a pain.

Rey herself isn't great, but she's definitely lacking.

The main issue I have with Rey is the lack of paint. The sculpt of her clothes look brilliant, but no shading? No dirty dry brush look? It's a real shame as I think she's a good looking figure. The boots, clothing, satchel and hair could all do with some colour variation.

But you know what? At least her eyes are painted well

But look at this hard plastic strap!

So frustrating!

So the articulation on Rey is standard Black Series: Her head looks left and right and up (a tiny bit) and down. Shoulders are ball and hinge, single jointed elbows, and articulated wrists. Her waist rotation is well hidden by her belt and it allows her to turn left and right.

Her hips are on a ball peg and the soft rubber robes don't really inhibit the movement. There is upper thigh swivel, single jointed knees, and her ankles rock back and forth, swivel and pivot.

Now onto BB-8!

BB-8 is a great little figure. Really great.

The head is on a peg so can swivel so can move forward, back, left and right... right around the top of the sphere.

He his weighted so stays up always with his head on top which is great and the paint apps are all neat and really make BB-8 look brilliant. Especially the wash that he's been given making him look as though he's been around on the dusty planet of Jakku for a while.

Honestly, BB-8 is pretty much worth the price of admission alone here.

Stay tuned guys, I'll be bringing you more Force Awakens Black Series figures soon!

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